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DiceRTE - documentation

Here you can find the online documentation for the DiceRTE system and links to further literature. The user manual is also included in the program archive for offline access on the Download page.

    Go to the user manual (still in german only) (separate window)
External documentation :
    Ralf Browns Interrupt List (HTML)
    DOS Protected Mode Interface, Version 0.9 (HTML)
    Portable Executable Format - Executable file format for Win32 (PDF)
    Relocatable Object Module Format (OMF) - Object file format (Postscript)
    Intel Architecture Software Developer's Manual, Volume I : Basic Architecture (PDF)
    Intel Architecture Software Developer's Manual, Volume II : Instruction Set Reference Manual (PDF)
    Intel Architecture Software Developer's Manual, Volume III : System Programming Guide (PDF)
    Intel Architecture Optimizations Manual (PDF)
    SSE description
    3DNow! Instruction Porting Guide Application Note (PDF)
    AMD Athlon Processor x86 Code Optimization Guide (PDF)
    AMD K6-III Processor Data Sheet (PDF)
To view the PDF documents you need the Acrobat Reader. Postscript files can be viewed best with Ghostview.

For general question about the C or assembly language, refer to the newsgroups 'comp.lang.c' and 'comp.lang.assembler.x86'.

Changes and bugfixes from V0.96 to V0.96b :

    fixed a bug in the DCC32 codegenerator when accessing nested structure components
    comparison of long doubles (<, <=, >, >=) in DCC32 fixed (comparison was accidently inverted)
    pow10l instead of pow10 used in strtold.c (may have caused rounding errors) (C runtime library)
    fixed an inconsistency in the printf functions when using the modifier 'l' with float values (C runtime library)
    license change to the GNU general public license (except DCC32 and DPE)
    minor fixes in the german user manual

Changes and bugfixes from V0.95 to V0.96 :
    DASM32 now recognizes AMDs 3DNow! instruction set and the Pentium III's SSE
    DCC32 is now capable of aligning structure components on word, doubleword or quadword boundaries
    introduced the new utility DDUMP for structured output of program files, object modules and libraries
    external applications executed via a call to AppExec can now load their own modules at runtime and are no longer dependend on the modules loaded by the caller (unused modules are removed automatically)
    imports can now be created by the faster ordinals instead of names (changes in the kernel, API, and DLINK32)
    fixed a bug in memory release routines after an application which was called by AppExec (running in the same address space as the caller) terminates
    fixed a bug in DCC32 when calling external assemblers or DLINK32
    fixed a bug in the 'system' function in the C runtime library
    speed improvements to kernel functions responsible for loading and preparing an application
    speed improvements to the DCC32 codegenerator
    fixed a bug in DLIB when creating the directory of a static library file
    fixed a bug in DASM32 when performing an (un-)conditional jump backwards over one or more align directives
    automatic extension of available memory by the kernel to more DPMI memory blocks if the initially allocated DPMI memory becomes exhausted
    reserved memory blocks can now be locked to avoid their final release when the application terminates (necessary i.e. for writing your own resident interrupt functions or exception handlers)

© 2004 Christian Diefer

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Last Update: 24. May 2004